profile_4For us an exciting job is one that presents obstacles. Limited budgets, short timelines, small venues—they’re all challenges that allow us to prove our ability to do more with less. With every job, we find new, creative, and innovative ways to build Oz from the dirt of Kansas. We succeed because we’re a small firm, which allows us to be quicker and more agile than bigger firms.

ABUNCHs owners personally oversee every project, and nothing leaves our shop until it’s exactly how it should be. We’re skilled in carpentry, metal fabrication, CNC work and graphic installation. We paint and we print. We do it all so you do not have to worry about it. We store and deliver our work so that it’s never your problem, and we provide the equipment you need to bring it to life.

Founded in 2008, principle Andrew Bunch has built his business on being a master of logistics. Anywhere, anyhow and anyplace ABUNCH brings your project to life.